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Category: Braces & Supports

Benefits: These pneumatic ankle stirrup braces provide stability to the ankle.
Anatomically shaped, low profile shells can be worn with most shoes. Prefilled air
pads can be individually adjusted for a customized fit. Free airflow within the air cells
provides a massaging effect around the joint to help reduce swelling. Model 75885-1
incorporates gel pads for cold therapy.
Prodnet Features:
• Sleek, low profile
• Adjustable heel piece
• Rigid plastic shells - Anatomical design reduces pressure
• Riveted straps ensure correct application
• Prefilled air cells are adjustable to accommodate swelling
• Model 75885-1 includes gel pads for optional cold therapy

Large Right > 5'4" Height
Large Left > 5'4" Height
Small Right < 5'4" Height 
Small Left < 5'4" Height

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